There is a little Beezik in all of us.

Enjoy music how you want to for free.

For the average person

Easier than ever.

We've made it easier than ever to search for the songs you want. Want to listen to your favourite bands newest album? We have it. Want to enjoy an obscure 80's pop hit? We have that too. Trying to find an anime OST? We have all of those and much more.

No intrusive ads.

Skip, shuffle and listen to music as much as you want. No more intrusive ads or random bands interrupting your playlist. No more waiting to find that right song. Enjoy the music you want to without being tied down.

Import playlist.

There is no need to start over. Beezik can easily import all your favourite playlists from other services like Spotify, Pandora, YouTube and much more.

For the power users

Local support.

Enjoy your already existing collection of FLAC, MP3, WAV, OGG, OPUS, even WebA – we support it all and much more.

Search for a song.

Can't find a song online? Use Beezik to search for it and listen to it whenever you want.

Manage your library.

Beezik will organize and format your collection for you. No more weirdly titled albums and files; let us clean up your collection, download album art and fetch metadata for you.

Stream music from the cloud

Beezik is just a server.

Beezik only plays music from your local disk and radio streams. Through extensions, Beezik can play music from cloud services like Spotify, SoundCloud, and Google Play Music.

One powerful API.

With Beezik's extension support, backends for new music sources can be easily added.

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